Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

We have wide range of Hospitals in Regions which you can access your card anytime you may need, including Somaliland, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia and India

  • Hospitalization and Surgical Care: No more worries about the financial burden of surgeries or hospital stays. We’ve got you covered!
  • Out-patient Specialist & General Care: Access top-notch medical care without the stress of high fees for outpatient visits.
  • Out-patient Dental and Optical Care: Your dental and optical needs are in good hands with our comprehensive coverage.
  • Pre-existing and Chronic Conditions: Your health history won’t hold you back. We’re here for you, no matter the condition.
  • Air and Road Ambulance: Quick and safe transportation in emergencies is just a call away with our insurance plan.
  • Psychiatric Conditions: Your mental health is important. Seek the help you need without financial concerns.
  • Non-accidental Ophthalmology and Dental Care: Your eyes and teeth deserve top-notch care, and we’ve got you covered.
  • Rehabilitation and Post-hospitalization: Your recovery journey matters. We ensure a smooth transition back to regular life.

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