Claims Management

Customer Service:

  • Amanah Insurance emphasizes an objective view of customer needs, focusing on solutions and prioritizing meeting customer expectations.
  • Commitment to delivering quality and value is highlighted in every policy written.

Claims Management Service:

  • Amanah Insurance boasts strengths in claims management, supported by world-class talent, product innovation, customer service excellence, and financial resources.
  • The claims team comprises professionals working in an ICT-enabled environment for accuracy and speed.
  • Expertise is grounded in a stable financial foundation, allowing customers to manage various risks with confidence.
  • The team’s approach involves drawing on local experiences, first-hand knowledge, legal aspects, and regulatory issues.
  • Consistency in claims handling, effective account stewardship, and winning strategies are emphasized as part of the company’s business ethos.

Fast-Tracked Service:

  • Amanah Insurance takes pride in an efficient and unmatched claim-settling process, provided all required documents are submitted.
  • There is a facility for assessing lightly damaged vehicles on the spot, offering an estimated repair cost.
  • Claims management facilities are located in Uganda and Kenya.
  • The service is open to all motor policyholders, with a drive-in bay for assessing light damages and referring motorists to approved garages for repairs without further negotiation.

What’s Inside Amanah Claims:

  • Amanah Insurance prioritizes resolving claims quickly and efficiently.
  • The claims organization is responsive, committed to cost-efficient resolutions, and aims to deliver superior service to help customers mitigate losses.

To initiate a claim:

  • Email Submission:
    • Forward your claim details to us by sending an email notification to info@amaanahinsurance.com.
  • Phone Contact:
    • Reach out to us effortlessly by making a call. Our dedicated agents are ready to assist you with any inquiries related to claims.
    • Contact us during our call center hours, Monday to Friday, from 7:00 to 17:00, using the following numbers:
      • Hargeisa: +252 63611 6113
      • Garowe: +252 90500 6590
      • Mogadishu: +252 61 422 11 00
      • Nairobi: +254 11183 9636

Our goal is to streamline the process, making it convenient for you to submit and inquire about your claims.

The following is required when submitting a reimbursement claim:

  1. Claim form duly signed and stamped along with attending physician statement.
  2. The claim form should include your full name and details including your bank account
  3. Discharge summary.
  4. Hospital final bill including hospital stamp.
  5. Attending Surgeon’s/Physician’s Prescription advising hospitalization.
  6. Surgery/consultation bills and receipts.
  7. Operation theatre and pharmacy bills.
  8. Medicines bill with doctor’s prescription
  9. Prehospitalization bills with receipts.
  10. Post-hospitalization bills with receipts.
  11. Diagnostic reports with doctor’s prescription.


We highly suggest they use the Hospitals list in our panel. Any questions regarding reimbursements, hospital lists, or claims inquiries? 

Please use this email address medical@amaanahinsurance.com

Once the form has been submitted to us, we will process your Claim within 14 working days.

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